Dr. Andreas Herrmann


<div class="frame-space-before-medium"></div><div id="c28" class="frame frame-default frame-type-text frame-layout-0"><p><strong>Dr. Andreas Herrmann</strong> founded Probiocon based on his more than 25 years of experience gained in biotechnological companies, where he was holding different management positions and was engaged as consultant.</p><p>From 2013–2016, Andreas built up Alvotech, a leading biosimilars company based in Iceland with a 4 product pipeline and 14,000 sqm manufacturing plant and made 2 successful acquisitions and other strategic initiatives. Between 2003-2013, Andreas (co-)founded and headed different biotech companies including <strong>Celonic </strong>(CMO), <strong>Baliopharm </strong>(innovator company for autoimmune diseases, oncology), <strong>Synimmune </strong>(bispecific antibodies, oncology), <strong>ICAAN </strong>(Aesthetic Navigation), and<strong> Icelandic Natura </strong>(Topica). In 1996 Andreas co-founded <strong>Cardion&nbsp;</strong>where he was heading the R&amp;D department until 2003. As part of the management team he was responsible for fund raising as well as the CMC and preclinical development of biopharmaceutical compounds, up to final licensing of the lead compound to Roche. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry in the field of neurobiology and worked as an associate professor in the department of cardiovascular physiology at the University of Cologne (1995-1997).</p><p>During his career, Andreas served as a consultant for many pharma and venture companies e.g. <strong>Roche</strong>, <strong>Glycothera</strong>, <strong>JRS</strong>, <strong>TVM</strong>, <strong>Centus Capital </strong>and others.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Andreas has main expertise in the following areas:</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>Business development</li><li>Merger &amp; acquisitions</li><li>Due diligence</li><li>Licensing / partnering</li><li>Alliance &amp; portfolio management</li><li>Corporate finance incl. fundraising</li><li>Development / manufacturing of biopharmaceutical compounds</li><li>Quality assurance / regulatory compliance</li></ul></div>

Stefanie Herrmann-Zahn


<div class="frame-space-before-medium"></div><div id="c31" class="frame frame-default frame-type-text frame-layout-0"><p><strong>Stefanie Herrmann-Zahn </strong>has a more than 15 year expertise in the development of biopharmaceutical compounds.</p><p>From 2014–2016, Stefanie was <strong>VP Project Management </strong>at Alvotech (Iceland/Switzerland), leading the project management of the CMC, non-clinical and clinical development of 4 biosimilar products. Prior to her time at Alvotech, Stefanie was appointed as<strong> Head of Production </strong>at the GMP Facility of Celonic AG in Basel as well as<strong> Head of Process Development </strong>at Celonic GmbH in Jülich. In 1998 she joined Cardion, where she was finally heading a group of 15 people responsible for the company’s biopharmaceutical development. Specifically, she led the areas of <strong>cell culture, process development, manufacturing and quality control </strong>of all immunotherapeutics. She previously worked at AGS as scientist in the fields of<strong> fermentation and enzyme purification</strong>. Stefanie gained her diploma as a chemical engineer at Krefeld in 1997.<br /> &nbsp;</p><p><strong>Stefanie´s main expertise is:</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>Cell-ine development</li><li>Process development</li><li>GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceutical proteins</li><li>Quality Control of biopharmaceutical proteins</li><li>Quality Assurance / GMP compliance</li><li>Project Management</li><li>Outsourcing Management</li></ul></div>

Marie-Ann Dhaen

Project Management

<div class="frame-space-before-medium"></div><div id="c63" class="frame frame-default frame-type-text frame-layout-0"><p><strong>Marie-Ann Dhaen </strong>has six years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.</p><p>As<strong> PMI certified Project Manager</strong>, Marie-Ann supports the development of new biological entities and biosimilars at Baliopharm and Valerius Biopharma. Pior to that, she worked <strong>as Technical Project Manager </strong>at Alvotech&nbsp;to drive the development of their biosimilar pipeline and as <strong>Business Development Manager </strong>at SGS M-Scan, where she gained extensive knowledge about state-of-the-art protein characterization as required by global regulatory agencies. Marie-Ann gained her diploma degree in biology at the University of Bonn where she graduated with honors in 2011.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Marie-Ann has particular expertise in:</strong></p><p>&nbsp;</p><ul><li>Project Management</li><li>Outsourcing Management</li><li>Business Development</li></ul></div>

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