Corporate Dev. & Strategy

Corporate Development is a necessary instrument to plan and execute a wide range of strategies to meet specific organizational objectives. It includes initiatives such as recruitment of human resources, establishment of relationships with strategic business partners, identification and acquisition of companies, development of strategies for in or out licensing, securing financing and increasing intellectual property assets. Probiocon´s understanding is to support the CEO or other executives in all these tasks to build up and maintain a sustainable business.

Here you can find information about the following topics:


Start-up companies have very often brilliant ideas and technologies based on the scientifically driven founders. However they are often also facing very special needs to structure the organization and to finance the business from scratch. With pleasure, we support (and partially finance) those early ideas and help with all steps starting with the generation of an appropriate business plan, perform market research, build-up a management team and finally take care of the financing of the business. We can also act as interim managers if needed.


Corporate Finance

Based on our experience with venture capital funds, private investors, and debt financing we offer our clients services for all kind of corporate financing. We take care of the whole process starting with the preparation of the business plan including a market analysis, preparation of a data room and presentations, contacting and managing of the appropriate investors up to the final negotiation phase. We do also support venture capital and other investors by performing due diligence of potential candidates. Probiocon consultants have secured various financings up to 20 Mio €.


Business Development

Business Development aims at developing and implementing growth opportunities to increase company value and revenue potential. Creation and maintenance of relationships with external companies, partners, clients, and other stakeholders plays a pivotal role. Probiocon´s consultants have a long-term record in Business Development specialized on the biopharmaceutical industry. We can support your team with the analytical preparation of potential business opportunities, sales market and competitor analyses, due diligence and contract negotiations.


Merger & Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), as an aspect of corporate strategy, finance and management, deal with the consolidation of different companies into one entity, or the buying, selling or dividing of companies to either help rapid enterprise grow in its established sector or in a new field, without creating a subsidiary, child entity or using a joint venture.
Probiocon consultants support our clients during the whole M&A process to identify and contact potential candidates for the merger / acquisitions. We offer to perform due diligence, prepare data rooms, value the business by different models (e.g. DCF), and ultimately support the negotiations of the final contract.


Licensing & Partnering

You are looking for someone to license your promising compound? You consider in-licensing to expand your own R&D technologies, broaden your technology portfolio or product pipeline? We can help you to find the right deal. Our consultants support you in making the right partnering decision for your biopharmaceutical development.

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